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    Captivate => FM12 Server




      I'm new to Filemaker & Captivate, I am wondering can the following be achieved and are there any particular steps I need to take...


      I am currently designing elearning content in Adobe Captivate V6, this will include an assessment at the end. I would like Captivate to send the results of the assessments to be populated into FM12 Server automatically. FM12 Server would store a staff database and the common file for indexing in both Captivate & FM12 would be their staff number.


      Any assistance with this would be much appreciated.

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          It has been a few years since i've used Captive (pre-Adobe) but i seem to recall a way to export the results of an assessment to XML. If that is still the case, you can perform an export at the end of the assessment. You would then need some script or mechanism to get the results over to a location where a server side script could then import the results.

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            Thanks Matt for your assistance, I was hoping that there would be a direct link or handshaking without the need for script.