Interested in FTS: Developer Essentials Training? Join us Aug 28-30 in St. Louis....

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FileMaker Training Series: Developer Essentials

All you need to know to make FileMaker Pro your friend. This three day FileMaker Training Series course is focused on giving attendees the most valuable information possible. No puff and no fluff, just ‘meat and potatoes’ FileMaker.

The course starts before you arrive at our training facility with a one-on-one interview focused on your needs; what are YOU trying to get out of FileMaker?

In addition, included with the cost of this course is a copy of the FileMaker Training Series materials (a $40 value) which will be shipped to you at least a week prior to the course. We’ll encourage you to review the materials and FileMaker basics so as to optimize your time with us. Furthermore, students are encouraged to send ahead or bring real examples of their work, so our instructors can use these examples in the exercises and demonstrations as the course progresses.

Furthermore, to ensure attendees experience an unsurpassed level of personal attention, we aim for a small number of students in each class.

The depth at which specific topics are covered in this course varies with each class based on the attendees. Time is allotted to cover these essential FileMaker skills:

  • Working with Fields
  • Data Modeling
  • Working with Layouts
  • Calculations
  • Scripts
  • Reporting
  • Account-based Security

Finally, within two weeks of completing the course, your FileMaker Authorized Trainer will conduct a complimentary one-on-one review with you. This review will help to solidify what you’ve learned and help you determine how to best apply your new skills. You’ll also be given specific suggestions of steps you can take to continue developing your FileMaker skills.

You'll need to bring a few things:

  • A laptop (If you need to borrow a copy of FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced, please let us know in advance.)
  • Power supply
  • Favorite keyboard or mouse
  • Please dress comfortably and casually