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Value List from one Table showing in Portal of another Table -- A workaround?

Question asked by mbust on Aug 14, 2012
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I need to do something that normally will not work: to show a value list from a table within a portal showing records from another table. I would very much appreciate someone pointing me in the direction of how to do this, keeping in mind that it needs to be a viable solution for Custom Web Publishing. (I'm using FM Pro 11 Advanced).


Briefly: THE VALUE LIST. A value list showing the days of the week is presented to the user to select when a report will be sent. Problem is, the days of the week must change according the language selected by the user (e.g., Sunday vs. Domingo). To do this, I created a table that has a few fields: the name of the value list, the name of the day in English, the name of the day in Spanish, and a Display field (instead of a calculation field, so that it is indexed). When the user changes languages, say from English to Spanish, a script copies into the Display field the day of the week in the correct language. (A calculation field would be nicer and works well in tables not used as value lists).


THE PORTAL. The portal shows a series of assignments with information such as the day of the week a given report is to be sent. The day of the week can be changed by the user with a drop-down menu. But the drop-down menu should show the days of the week from the above value list, in the correct language.


THE PROBLEM. Needless to say, because the value list comes from a different table (the "weekday" table), whereas the assignments come from the Assignments table, the value list only shows the first item in the value list, and not every day of the week.


Can someone please let me know how one might solve this in a way that would not require me to put all the days of the week into the Assignments table? After all, I hope to use that value list (and others similar) within other portals.


Thanks a million. Any help is much appreciated.