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Numbering Sequence

Question asked by cabarnes on Aug 14, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2012 by cabarnes

Hpw can I create a series of numbers from an input of a number range?


I have a "Beginning Ticket Number" and a "Ending Ticket Number" field (both numbers), and a "Number of Tickets Issuesd" field. The Number of Tickets field is calculated by Ending Ticket Number - Beginning Ticket Number + 1 to give the number of tickets.


What I wouldlike to do is also have a record created for each ticket number automatically.


For example if the beginning number was 501 and the ending was 514, z seprate record would be created with a ticket number of 501, 502, 503m etc.


Reason is so that each ticketnumber can be searched by its own number.


Any help o rpointing in tthe right direction would be greatly appreciated.