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FMS 11 on VM server - very slow response to client requests

Question asked by lmclaughlin on Aug 14, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2013 by CarstenLevin

I have a customer with FM 11 Server running on an HP DL380R07 server w/ Xeon X5660 2.5Ghz processor & 24GB RAM. Windows OS. They are utilizing Virtual Machine (VM) and assign two core's to the FM Svr 11. There are approx five to six clients on at any one time accessing the DB. The performance on the server when the user clicks their mouse to move from tab to tab in the applications sometimes takes minutes, as much as 10 minutes.. etc. IT tech monitors the server performance via windows Task Manager and the two core's are peaking at 55% throught the duration of the user request. Any one have a similar experience and any solutions are definately welcome to getting the clients response where it needs to me... Its all on a LAN btw....

Questions or need further clarification, please ask.

thank you. Larry