Constrained Finds

Discussion created by Greg on Aug 14, 2012
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Good Day All,




I am having a heck of a time getting my head around this. I am trying to Script a Search to do the following


Here's the deal. I do a date range search and find 1400+ records OK

I now want to find how many of the 1400+ records meet 4 possible criteria.


This is an OR search in that either Safety OR Coutesy OR Experience OR Efficiency could be selected and it's possible more than one could be selected.


The end result could be 5 Safety, 25, Courtesy, 50 Experience, and 30 Efficiency so I would now hve a Found Set of 110 Record out of the original Found Set of 1400+ Records.


The Script is as Follows:


Show All Records

Goto Layout ["Maager Responses" (ccc)]

Enter Find Mode (Paise)

Perform Find [] This is where the 1400 Records are found

Enter Find Mode []

Modify Last Find

Constrain Found Set [Restore] This is where the 5 Safety are found


Repeated for each addition Constraint


There may be a much easier way to do this or I may just be way off base.


Any advice will be very much appreciated and Thanks in Advance...