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FM12_New Container_External storage feature

Question asked by LWAv on Aug 15, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2012 by Stephen Huston

FM12_New Container_External storage feature


I manage a gallery inventory of works of art with thousands of illustrated entries/records.


So far I have reduced large, high resolution images of works manually to circa 20-40kb sizes to not make the database file slow and unmanageable.


When I then need to find and use the large High Res images for proposals and documentations with proper, large, print quality images I always had to search for the original High Res image stored outside the database, and retrieve the information pertaining to the work of art from the filemaker inventory database.


If I understand the usage of the new container external storage feature in filemaker 12 correctly this whole procedure should now be streamlined so that I store all images of Works of Art in their original High resolution in the external storage (open), wich means I can still view all works of art (thumbnail) images within the inventory file, without overloading/increasing the database file with the huge image material accumulating from all the combined high res images? I can then also directly from layouts within my filemaker database of illustrations with works of art captions generate print quality full page illustrations.If this is indeed the capacity of this new feature, it is brilliant - for my purposes.


I appreciate confirmation from those of you who know, and/or feedback.


Many Thanks,