Problem with FMSA and Web services on SBS

Discussion created by PeterWindle on Aug 15, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2012 by nickorr

Hello all,


I have a client who has been running FMSA 9 on SBS 2008 for many years using a php web site that brings data into the database...and it has been working fine until about 3 weeks ago when there where problems with an external ISP's name servers.


Since then, the data from the website is not working. What I discovered is that the FMS is not seeing any web service. It will not enable any php components because of this problem.

The IT gurus seem to be at a loss on how to fix it and I'm driving blind, so far the only suggestions have been to re-install FMSA.


Which, by the way, has now happened (FMSA 11 now installed) and this also has the same problem.


Now, I realise that there is no real "support" for sbs, but it was working, so what gives?


I have tried reading all sorts of trouble shooting, google searches, "phone a friend" etc... but nada.


any clues are welcomed.