FMPA 11 Viewing PDF in Web Viewer, MAC path issues

Discussion created by bennieboop on Aug 15, 2012
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I am in FMPA 11 and am attempting to use the web viewer to open file paths to specific pdf files and view them. It works fabulously on the Windows side, but I can't seem to get it to view the pdf of the MAC side. The window just says loading and nothing happens. At this point I believe I am having a file path issue for the MAC. The pdf files are stored on a public server and the path to them is absolute. When setting up my web viewer, I instruct it to open a custom web address. Below is the sample:


Case ( Get ( SystemPlatform ) = -2 ; "file://SERVERNAME/Public/FOLDER/2002 Folder/03 The PRODUCT Folder/Folder/Folder/" & Account Master::PdfName ; Get ( SystemPlatform ) = 1 ; "filemac//SERVERNAME/Public/FOLDER/2002 Folder/03 The PRODUCT Folder/Folder/Folder/" & Account Master::PdfName )


The above calculation first determines the system platform of my user, then based on the calculation sets the URL inside the web viewer. The folder names have been made generic, but you get the gist. I know file paths differ from platform to platform and MAC can be picky, so I thought I would seek your assistance to ensure that I have the correct file path name for MAC.


Thanks in advance for your assistance.