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How to print PDFs in FileMaker Pro 12 on a PC?

Question asked by WBullard on Aug 16, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2012 by Mike_Mitchell

If you run the attached file on a Mac and drag a PDF to the container field it will render so you can see the PDF image. The "Optimize For" data setting is set to Images not Interactive Content because we need to print these PDFs and you can't do that when the "Interactive Content" button is checked.


If you run the same file on a PC and drag a PDF to the container field it will not render the PDF image.


If you first run this on a Mac and add a PDF file, then copy it to a PC and run it you will see the rendered PDF images of any PDFs added when the PDF12 file was run on a Mac. Add any new PDFs added to the file will not render. I don't see this as a bug, but rather FMP on a Mac is using the MacOS rendering capabilities to display the PDFs and Windows doesn't provide this functionality.


We have one page technical drawings in PDF that I'm trying to print via FileMaker Pro 12 on a PC. As mentioned previously, if an image doesn't render in browse mode it won't print and for that reason we can't use the setting "Interactive Content" because the prinoutout will be blank with that setting.


In FileMaker Pro 11 we stored the images on a Mac and used SuperContainer to get around this limitation in FileMaker. I was hoping to use the new Enhanced Containers in FMP12, but unless I"m missing something it looks like I'll still need to use a Mac and SuperContainer.


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.