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Printer script step won't save settings.

Question asked by cooldan on Aug 16, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2012 by cooldan

I can't get FMP 12 to remember printer setting "reverse page orientation" in print script step. Envelopes print wrong side first. Mac Lion.

I use Print Setup & then Print script steps.

I set the Printer settings I want, but they won't print that way, & they won't save in the Print script step.


This is a database I have used for many years, starting with FMP 5.5.

Envelopes have always printed OK until I ungraded to FMP 12 from FMP 11.

Envelopes no longer printed left side first & when I finally came upon "Reverse Page Orientation" in Layout, I thought I had solved the problem, BUT the settings won't save & envelopes still print incorrectly.

Printers are all HP & envelopes center feed, left side first.


I print several differant page & envelope layouts from this file, so a default setting is not usable.


Any suggestions would be very appreciated.