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    Problem - IWP won't show charts


      I am running IWP on a FP Pro Advanced 12 database via my local intranet. I can access the database fine, and begin a script that is supposed to go to a layout that asks for a name and date, then searches for those items, and then goes to a layout that has a chart on it to show the data. The script stops before it goes to the chart layout.


      The chart and all layouts are in "Classic" Theme, so that's not the problem. Obviously an error is occuring- because the script never leaves the layout before the chart. Obviously, it works fine from within FM12 - there is something that won't let it work on either IE or Firefox. I looked, and Java is enabled. This is on a Windows 7 Enterpise machine. I haven't tried it on my Mac at home - that's next.


      Any ideas? TIA!


      Dan Simonson


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          Is the chart seen on your computer in Preview Mode.   IWP will not display Preview.


          Try rendering your chart in Browse Mode and you should see it in IWP.


          I have a client still using FMPA 8.5 but also using FMSA 11.  I made a few Key Charts and in FMP they just show a screen with a large X on the Layout, but in IWP the chart displays nicelly.


          Works f or me...




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            I figured it out!!!


            What was happening was that in my scripts, I was going to layouts (even though this was happening behind the scenes and the user couldn't see it) to do my finds, and the particular layout was not in "Classic" mode.  I'm new to IWP, and so I had to convert a lot of my layouts to Classic theme to get them to work - I had just missed some that were working behind the scenes. 


            What helped me was looking at the application.log where I kept seeing "Scripting Error:" and then Script Step: Go To Layout, with Error 414 tied to it.  I looked up Error 414, and it is "Layout cannot display the result".  So with a bit of backtracking I figured out which layout it was and voilá - it was in "Cool Gray" theme rather than "Classic". 


            So now I am in business.  I would advocate for Filemaker to add some type of function that would check for these kinds of errors- some way of debugging scripts and layouts intended for IWP, so that newbies like me aren't flummoxed.