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    Getting Rid of Print Margin Lines...


      In FMP 12, how does one shut off display of the print margin lines (see attached) that show the print boundaries (as defined in Page Setup)? I'm sure this is super-easy, but I've been searching for 20 minutes and can't turn the damn things off.






      PS: I forgot to mention... This is in layout mode only, in case you hadn't guessed that.


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          My first question is why do you want to turn them off?  They don't appear in the layout when in Browse mode.  Users never see these lines when using your FM database (unless they switch to Layout mode). Those guides are there to help you so you know where your print area is, based on your current layout.

          However, perhaps you're setting up a layout that will never be sent to a printer (or generate a PDF with that layout).  I can see where maybe they're not needed in your case, but I'm not sure why you wnat to turn them off if they only appear while building your layout.


          But assuming you are designing a layout that your users will never print, and you just can't stand seeing them while creating your layout. Try this... open your Page Setup dialog and set the "Scale" to 10% (or even 1%).  Chances are, you won't see the page margins anymore.  But if you ever decide to allow your users to print that layout, make sure to set it back to 100% (or whatever's appropriate) before you turn your solution over to your users or customers to begin using.


          Gary Amstutz

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            Thanks, Gary. That works for me!


            You are right... I just don't like looking at them while I'm designing my forms. As you say, these layouts will never be printed.