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    Revisiting the "field enlarges downward" problem


      An odd thing about FileMaker Go is that when you place the insertion point into a field, the field lengthens downward, basically showing what is probably two lines of vertical space, even though the field is one line on the layout, and empty of content.

      In the past we were instructed to deal with this by setting the field with the "Include vertical scroll bar" option selected... which did work, and the scroll bar did NOT show if the field was made only one line tall on the layout.

      Using a "touch" oriented theme changes this, though. For example, if you use the River Touch theme, the old problem of the fields enlarging downward still occurs (and I _still_ don't understand why this can't be fixed), but if you try to use the work-around of setting "Include vertical scroll bar" it does keep the field from enlarging, but now the scroll arrows DO show, both looking inappropriate and limiting the usable width of the field. What's worse, is that if the field is wide enough to display a value of 6.5 when it is not selected, for example, if the cursor is then put into it, the value "wraps" so that only the 5 is visible and the scroll bar actually disappears so you can't even get far enough up in the field to see the "6." part.

      Is there a new suggested work around?

      Or (I hope) maybe a fix addressing the original cause?


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          I share your frustration. I want total control over how my solution looks and functions but FileMaker just wont give it to us. They insist on forcing us to deal with stupid design decisions like the expanding field size that they have hard coded into their program. I spend countless hours trying to make my solution look like and feel like a professional app and it's almost impossible. FMGO 12 is a big improvemnt but there is still an interface glitch here and there that prevent us from achieving it. I cannot believe that I have to resort to using Kiosk mode to prevent unwanted GUI elements from popping up. It's ridiculous.


          I would not expect to see fixes anytime soon because FIleMaker does not view these issues as problems.


          I have not tried this, but I assume that you could solve your touch theme problem by (dare I suggest) editing the theme.

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            More frustration sharing here. I'm ready to convert from 20 years of Microsoft Access development to Filemaker pro/go. GO has lots of potential but I can't figure out why fields are designed to expand just because they have focus. This doesn't happen on the desktop. As I use the form during development I feel this expanding "feature" is something the user has to trip over. It makes no sense.  Then on top of that, the cut,copy, paste menu pops up, more visual clutter. I'll try a different theme, but open to other sugguestions for making a slick mobile form, instead of a bumpy one.


            I tried the "include scroll bar" trick and that does keep the field from growing, but it really makes the user interface worse. The scroll bars on a single line field do two bad things: 1st they suggest that there might be more stuff in this field, then 2nd when the user tries to use such small buttons it tricks the user and says "ha, not only am i misleading, but I'm also very difficult to use".


            Just read the part about hiding the scroll bar part of the field, i guess that could work, but sure doesn't make for easily designing great interfaces. No rounded corners and extra work to maintain design.


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              Stephen Huston

              Maybe we need FM Engineers to give us a new Navigator Tab -- "GO Options" -- to let us set field options for use with touchscreen devices. Then let us control what happens when a field is entered/focus in GO rather than having them decide that for us.


              [ I'm mailing this note to our Tech Liason ]