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Opener to Remote - how to timer abort if unavailable

Question asked by cortical on Aug 16, 2012

FM11 mac + win


A simple normal openener file to open a remote file.


For testing I entered the ip for the eventual win server ( the in service database) and my local test server in the EDS File path list

So if it can't find the first path ( the client location server), it should fall back to the next choice ( my local server)

Target A - the clients server

Target B - my LAN test server


It does, eventaully. This takes a (timed) minute, all the time with a spinning pizza wheel. Activity Monitor shows FM 'not responding' - which initiall I assumed was a legitimate hang, and forced quit multiple times.

A wait of this duration, should it occur, is going to be an issue


An added trap for an error result has not yet returned a result; so no telling how long that may take if it can't find either target


I would like to time it to say 20 seconds, no connection, abort at 20 seconds


Any suggestions for adding a timer?