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Calculation adding invisible characters

Question asked by guyminder on Aug 17, 2012
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I have an issue with a calculation; for some reason it hads an invisible character to the result (which is a simple concatenation). The invisible can't be seen in FM. However as soon as you export (UTF-8) to a text file or copy paste the result in a TextEditor you see that character. I'm not a character-encoding expert at all, but I have the feeling it is a sign named "BOM". As that sign is not present in the orginal fields it can only be added by the calculation.


In the attached screenshot you'll see the 3 levels:


1) FileMaker in the backgound with the result field on the right.

2) In the middle, TextMate (text editor) making that character appear

3) At the front HexFiend showing us the hexadecimal version on that same text


Does anybody have an idea of how to get rid of that character?



Many thanks, Guy