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    Containers and opening word docs


      Windows 7, fmpro 12 advanced


      I have a container and store lots of documents such as PDF's images , word docs and PowerPoint files.


      Ideally I would like to script a button and open the file to view and edit.

      PDF's and images I can just export to temp then view no problem.

      With word docs and powerpoints this is ok to view, but if I edit, the changes are not saved.

      I am saving all files externally and not encrypted.

      I think i can set a variable that identifies the path and use open URL which I think should work (haven't tested it properly yet) but thought there may be an easier way.


      Thanks for any guidance



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          David -


          If you want to save document changes back to the database, you'll need to re-insert the documents into the container fields after saving the changes to disk. The database still has the old version otherwise.





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            Thanks Mike


            I doubt my users can be relied on to do that, as sensible as your suggestion is.


            If they could open the file from its location (open storage) via a scripted button, then any changes they make should be saved just by closing the file (say MS Word) and saving.

            I can't imagine this is an uncommon challenge.




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              I have just watched the webinar about containers and now realise that if one were to open the file from the remote storage location and change it, it would then be considered a "tampered with" file.

              Therefore I guess I am asking for something that can't be done.


              So, I guess your method is the one I will go with. Much appreciated. Just have to train the users as it is a bit tricky.