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Delete a Portal Record Bug?

Question asked by johnm on Aug 17, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2012 by AHunter3


I'm working on a database that is separated in FMSA 11.04 and I think I found a bug. When deleting a portal row using the "Delete Portal Row" script step, the index doesn't get updated. The record gets deleted but the value in the index isn't removed.


I wrote a script that looks up the record and deletes it directly from the table and the index get updated properly.


I ran across this because of a validation process used when adding a record that checks to make sure the record doesn't already exist. When the Delete portal row option was being used, I was getting one record returned of zero total records because of the index issue.


Has anyone else run across this? The database is new and hasn't been crashed.