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    Delete a Portal Record Bug?



      I'm working on a database that is separated in FMSA 11.04 and I think I found a bug. When deleting a portal row using the "Delete Portal Row" script step, the index doesn't get updated. The record gets deleted but the value in the index isn't removed.


      I wrote a script that looks up the record and deletes it directly from the table and the index get updated properly.


      I ran across this because of a validation process used when adding a record that checks to make sure the record doesn't already exist. When the Delete portal row option was being used, I was getting one record returned of zero total records because of the index issue.


      Has anyone else run across this? The database is new and hasn't been crashed.




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          Is the parent record COMMITTED after the delete portal row? Does that make a difference?



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            Yes it is committed. The index values I'm looking at are in the child table. I don't think it would matter if the parent record was committed or not. What is odd to me is the record was deleted but the index values weren't updated.

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              It's a data separation model, i.e., the actual file containing the user interface is not the one housing the actual parent record table?


              If so, I've seen that kind of misbehavior.  Employer had me design a relationship-driven selection screen and meanwhile had a second developer doing other things that resulted in a design decision to eliminate the parent table entirely in favor of a similar table in another file.  Values that were no longer related were still showing up after selection criteria had been chosen, while the truly related values did not show up.  Some kind of lag in the update of the index, as if it were being cached in the front end file.