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    FM 12 Recording Voice on computer?


      Hi All,


      I upgraded a system to FM 12 and not my client can't record voice from a microphone on the desktop. It worked fine in the FM 11 version of the system on the same computer. When I rt click on the container there is no option to record, just to insert.


      Is there some setting i'm missing?


      John Morina

      Pueblo Systems, Inc.

      CCQ-FM, Inc.

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          Hi John,


          If you right click and insert sound the familiar recording option pops up, this only works when the "start playback automatically" is unchecked in the inspector on my Mac OS 10.8. It sure isn't as straight forward as it was in FMPA 11.


          Maybe someone else has found something better?



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            If you think that's bad, consider the process of embedding a song or other already-recorded sound into a container field*.



            a) Create file in FileMaker 6 or earlier.


            b) Open sound file in a sound wave editing program such as Sound Studio or Deck


            c) Select all, copy, paste into container field.  Verify that it plays back when double-clicked.  For cross-platform deployments you'll have to do this in two different container fields then make an unstored calc field of result type container that evaluates SystemPlatform and diverges accordingly.  Note that you're doing this in FileMaker 6 because they BROKE THIS starting with FileMaker 7.


            d) Open your handy copy of FileMaker 11 (or 10, 9, 8,  or 7) to convert the file to .fp7 format since FileMaker 12 does not deign to convert anything so ancient.


            e) Now convert the .fp7 file to modern FileMaker 12 format.




            I really wish they'd change the existing "Insert Sound" to "Record Ambient Sound" or something.  "Insert Sound" should work like "Insert Picture" — navigate to the sound file and the sound itself gets inserted into the container.  I mean, when you go to "Insert Picture" you don't get a handful of paint tools to draw a picture in the container, it's assumed that you want to insert an EXISTING picture.  Should be the same for sound.


            *  ... and <i>storing</i> it there, not inserting a sound file as a reference either as file or as a QuickTime; either of those latter two make distribution of the database file problematic.  and yeah I know you can insert the sound file AS A FILE and store it in the container and then to play it export it to TemporaryPath and then execute it in the OS using Open URL [file://] or Send Event or Perform AppleScript.  that's still klunky.

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              Same issue here, and thanks for the demo file - powerful... ;-)

              Like you, I use:

              Go to Field [ Db with Sound in ContainerField::SoundContainer ]

              [ Select/perform ]


              - and then I just commit, avoiding the user getting stuck in the field.


              The field is made into a button with this purpose:

              If content of field is empty:

              - Record


              - Play sound


              My purpose is a system that has people with sometimes foreign names, and I want my users to be able to speak/record the phonetic name. Playback is fine, but I am missing the script equivalent of Insert Sound...