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    How to create a layout that will print to one page double sided


      I have a form that is printed two sided. I want to make a Filemaker layout that captures data to fill in my form and print on one page two sided. How do I create a layout to do this?

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          That depends on if you have a duplex printer or not (and if you don't have a duplex printer, if you want to print one form at a time, or a stack of two sided forms).  Let's cover all three of these possibilities:


          1. You have a duplex printer - Simply design your layout to show two physical pages (front and back of the form).  Usually, I put the front of the form at the top half of the layout, and the back of the form on the bottom half of the layout, making sure your layout its exactly on two pages.  Then write a script that stores the page setup (or the Print Dialog) as a script step, and select the proper duplex settings so that the first page will be printed on the front, and the second page on the back.


          2. You have a non-duplex printer (regular printer) but want to print just one record at a time - My suggestion would be to develop two layouts (front and back) using the same table.  Then write a simple script that prints the front page layout, then pauses, puts up a custom dialog, tells the user to re-insert the paper with the back of the form to be printed, and hit continue when ready.  Then have your script swich to the 'Back of form' layout and print the same record.  In your script dialog, make sure you include a "Print" script step, and tell it to print only the current record!


          3. You have a non-duplex printer (regular printer) but want to print a stack of forms - I assume you'll want to print your first stack of forms on one side, then pause the computer so the user can manually flip the stack around, reinsert it into the printer, and then print all the back of form records.  To do this, do the same as step #2 -- just make sure you include a Print step in your script that has the option to print all records in the current found set, then have your custom dialog box appear at the end of that first print batch job, then have your script jump to the back of form layout after the user has reinserted his or her stack of paper, and do the same print job with that other layout.

          Hope this helps.  If you need some help with the code, showing any of these steps, let me know!


          - Gary Amstutz

          iOS Development Solutions


          P.S. - If you need to do this sort of thing often, and don't have a duplex printer, get one! They're not all that more expensive than regular printers, they make your life a heck of a lot easier of you have a lot of two-sided forms you need to print on a regular basis!