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Importing data from excel file creates "non-existing data" in FMP12

Question asked by lanaclem on Aug 18, 2012

To make a long story short, I am creating database to manage scientific grants. Each type of grant has its own tab with all required information such as when it starts and stops.

I am using these dates to create a gantt chart and conditional formatting for color coding of the different grants.

Everything was fine until I try to import data from excel file: one excel file contains also tabs for each type of grant i.e. internship, congres, courses...

If I import the data concerning the internship, I can see in my gantt chart the color code for the congres and/or courses, although there is no date written in the corresponding date fields in FMP file.

FYI I have tried 2 different methods for the conditional formatting. All type of grants in one field or separate field and formatting for each grant. It happens in both cases.

If I enter manually these information for example in the internship tab, I do not have this problem and only the internship dates will be displayed on my chart.

I could enter everything manually but what the point then...

Did you encounter this problem? Do you think it is a misconception of my database/gantt chart or a bug?


You have an example pic of what I get. Hope it'll help you to understand my trouble here.