Discussion created by crisippolite on Aug 19, 2012

Just a heads up for any developers interested in taking the FileMaker 12 Certification Exam. We have a special class scheduled in Chicago in October set up just to help you prepare for the exam.


This 3-Day intensive session is designed for intermediate to expert users who are interested in focusing on topics that will help them prepare for the FileMaker 12 Certification test.


Cris Ippolite from iSolutions, has created a specialized curriculum that will cover the following areas:


- How to Schedule The Test

- Test Format: What To Expect When taking the Test

- Preparation Resources Reviewed ( a complete review of selected Tech Briefs, Help Documentation and White Papers required for passing the test)

- FileMaker 12 New Features To Know About

- FileMaker Go - Relationships, Context and Table Occurrences

- Charting

- Scripting and Script Triggers

- ODBC and ESS (and Execute SQL)

- FileMaker Server and Server Hardware

- Layouts and Layout Themes

- FileMaker and the Web


The session will be fast-paced and will help introduce attendees to a comprehensive set of resources for getting ready for the test. The sessions will include "deep dive" discussions on various topics to help expose attendees to features and methods they may not have had to previously explore.


This is a special class SCHEDULED FOR October 3 – 5 and will be held in Evanston, IL (Chicago area)


IF YOU WOULD LIKE MORE INFORMATION or to reserve a seat, please contact Jeff London for more details.