"Set Field" script step demands to know what table to act on

Discussion created by deanchampeau on Aug 19, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2012 by ariley

I have a solution I'm working on that has a variety of "task" tables. A script invoked from the "job" table gets to one of the "task" tables via a "Go to Layout by Calculation" script step. Anyway, there is a subsequent script with a "Set Field" script step to edit data in a "key" field on the layout/table that's been landed on. But I discovered that "Set Field" forces you to tell it what table to act on. This is not good, because the script doesn't know what table it's on. I just want the "Set Field" to act on the table the script is presently landed upon. I don't know how to tell "Set Field" to do that.


I think I could just put the "key" field on the all the "task" layouts, then use a "Go To Object" script step to get to the field and edit it. But that seems really inelegant. What if the field gets deleted from one or more of the "task" layouts by someone in the future? (The field I need to edit is a key field, not something that an ordinary user would want to see, so it's quite likely that some future admin would think it's extraneous and just delete it.)


Am I missing something about "Set Field"? Or is there a completely different technique I should be using to accomplish this?