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    Uploading new records to Server


      Hello All,

      I am trying to do something that I think should be simple.


      I need to be able to allow clients to create their own records offline [not connected to the FM Network], and then

      with a 'submit' type button/script, upload the record; basically copy to the server. The info on the client side is significantly greater than what needs to be

      updated to the server. So I want only a few fields 5-7 to be uploaded after the client creates it on their side.


      Someone at FM told me it would need to be initiated from the server side, but that seems to be a can of worms in practice.


      Doing it from a local server was no problem, but for traveling clients, the Server would need to hurdle through hotel firewalls, etc.


      I've tried set field [and sf by name], but the results are inconsistent. Import from client, or export from client to server are awkward.

      I keep thinking it's like trying to give someone your own phone.


      Any ideas?


      thanks !