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In our MRP system I had to create a textfield called composition containing the ingredients of each formula.

A formula is a "recipe"and contains the ingredients which are in the "products"file to produce each item.


we have PRODUCTS

we have FORMULAS

and we have FORMULA_ITEMS, which contains the percentage.


For example FORMULA of shampoo XX contains


3% Fragrance X

7% LSS


On every cosmetic you have to write the composition on the back. For this product this would read


Aqua, sodium laureth sulfate ,rosmarinus officinalis, sodium laureth sulfate / glycol distearate / cocamide mea / peg 10 cetyl alcohol


I use this calculation to create this text in the COMPOSITION field.


Substitute( List ( fo_itens_PRODUTOS::prod_INCI_name ); ¶;", ")


How can I achieve that the List itemsin the COMPOSITION field get written sorted by their percentage. The list I get now is sorted by creation order in the Products file, however I would like to have it created by the percentage each product appears in the formula.

Thank you for you help.