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Binding Files - Runtime - Not enough room on the disk

Question asked by bennieboop on Aug 21, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2012 by Stephen Huston

I am using FMPA 11. I have a set of files that are currently housed in FMP6.0 (I know, old, hence, the conversion). So, we have converted the files from fp5 to fp7, made some wonderful changes and are ready to bind and create a cross-platform standalone runtime solution. No problems there. Here is my issue. Once I complete the bind process, test to make sure all the features I want to work are working ( or need to be fixed) I delete the runtime solution, fix whatever needs corrected and bind again to test again. When I do this, I always get an error message that says "There is not enough room on the disk to complete this operation. Make more room on the disk, then try again."


In my research of this issue, I have figured out that FileMaker stores a temp file on my computer to complete the bind. As long as that temp file exists, I will get this error message. It has something to do with the file extension I have chosen for my runtime solution. The reason I know this is because when I would bind in 6.0 and I forgot to remove said temp folder, I would get an error message that said the extension was already in use. Additionally, for giggles, in FMPA 11 I chose a different extension for the solution and was able to bind.


My fix for the moment is to do a disc clean up on my computer, which removes the temp file (I cannot find the temp file to manually remove it). This does something funky to my actual FMPA 11 program. It won't let me into FMPA11, so I then do a system restore to the day before. Once the system restore is complete, I can then get into FMPA11 and I can bind my solution files again (using the orginally runtime solution extension). It is a long process. It results in me only being able to do one bind test a day (which is slowing development of the product) because of needing to do a system restore in order to bind again.


Does anyone else have this problem? Do you know where I can locate this file and destroy it so that I do not need to do a system restore. HELP!


Thanks for any help in advance. At this point I am frustrated.....