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    FMP12 Fast!!


      First the calculation engine:


      I created this script in 11, converted the file to 12. Simple file with one field and one layout




      Times 11 9 seconds; 12.0v1 4 seconds (1.8 Ghz Core I7 SSD)


      Indexing the field did not change the times.


      With freeze window removed, starting with cursor in a record in table view (this casues the list to scroll in 11, not in 12 so that may account for the difference)


      11 84 Seconds 12.0v1 50 seconds


      Removing styles for the layout made no difference for 12


      Applying theme in 12.0v1 (onyx touch) CUT the time to 33 seconds ( tested this twice - intriguing?)


      NOW WITH 12.0v2


      Times are approximately the same


      Second a WAN Application


      I have a client using a hosting service. App has sorted lists and portals in several places.


      When we frist tested with 12 we had to move from a server with 20ms ping time to one with 75ms ping time. Performace was about the same.


      No we have moved to a server about 30 ms away and client reports a subjective "twice as fast" experience. 12.0v2.


      That app was cleansed of almost all non css objects and uses one theme throughout