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    Drop Down Lists


      I have a small DB which I host via IWP with Server 12 Advanced.

      I have 50 users via IWP, all of which select from a pick list containing 32 options

      What I need assistance / guidance with is that after each user makes a pick from the list, then the next time they create a new record and use this same PICK list, I want the pick list to be modified by eliminating the choice they made previously, thus reducing that specific users options in the pick list by the option they chose previously, and going forward, reducing the pick list for that user each time they make a choice. This action applies to all users, reducing their individual pick list choices each time they've made a choice from the pick list.


      So users could have more choices than others depending on how many times they've made a choice from the pick list.


      Hope this is clear. I'm using Windows 7.




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          I managed to solve this problem, complicated because of IWP.


          1.     Created a table for each user containing their specific pick list (fortunately, I knew in advance how many maximum users I would have.)

          2.     Created copy of the layout the drop down pick list field appears for each user

          3.     Created a script on each layout for each user that deletes the previously chosen picks

          4.     The next time that user logs in and selects new record, the user is taken to their specific layout, which now has the amended pick list with fewer options.


          Lots of work but as a newbie, this was the only way I could think of making it work and it's tested by 30 of the users, so success it is.


          I tried tons of other options with one huge script that did work in Filemaker Pro client but DID NOT work in IWP.


          Hope this helps anyone else going forward.