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Rewriting database to revert back to FileMaker 11 adv. Scripting error

Question asked by taichi56 on Aug 20, 2012

EOS a member at FMForums has really helped me a lot and got my FileMaker Pro 12 working great. But now my office decided that they will stay with Filemaker Pro 11 adv. and want the database rebuilt. I have moved everything over to FileMaker 11 but I am still getting errors and I cannot seem to find where I am messing up. I have rewritten everything that I could by printing out everything and redoing it but not working. I have attached the database and sample EXCEL data. I am thinking it is a scripting error. Thank you.


OK, I tried rebuilding the whole database from scratch and now I get "Database cannot import to itself" when I run the Flag Enrollment script. I am really lost now.


I have attached the database and sample data.