Printing field contents and viewing field contents as PDF

Discussion created by dustyhanes on Aug 20, 2012
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  1. I was wondering first of all if it was possible to print a particular field's contents in FMP12.
  2. Second, if it was possible to view/save a field's contents as a PDF.


A little background on why I ask and what I'm going for. I work at a service company and am in the process of developing a database for us. Our service technicians take lists with them to each job that show them the products that they will use and where they will be located at the job site. I want to be able to store these lists for each job and to be able to print them for the technicians as needed. First thought is a container field in each job's record, but I want to be able to edit the items on the list quickly instead of creating a whole new file.


So it would be nice to have a field dedicated to listing the information needed, and then be able to print those contents whenever the technician is going to that job site. If a change needs to be made right before he goes to the job, I can just edit the field with the right info and immediately print or save it.


This brings me to the two questions above. Are these things possible? Are there any other thoughts for how this process could work quickly and efficiently?