Using IWP to send mail

Discussion created by marilouv on Aug 20, 2012
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I have a small file set up to allow teachers to submit transportation requests for students using FM 11.


Teachers logon via IWP and a new record is created. They enter information, and hit Submit. This is the script for Submit:

Commit Record/Request [No dialog]

Set Error Capture [On]

Allow User Abort [On]

Send Mail [Send via SMTP server; No dialog;...etc

-"To" is a field where user fills in email address, using the school domain name

-"Message" is a calculation field to the teacher with the details of the record

Go to Layout ["Response"]


At the next layout, a message is displayed saying the record has been submitted, and when the user clicks OK, they are logged off.


I have another script, similar steps that allows a secretary to review the requests, and accept or reject them. If they are rejected, a rejection message goes to the teacher. If they are accepted, the teacher gets a confirmation, and the transportation dept. gets a calculation with all the information from the record.


Sometimes, it works, sometimes it doesn't. I can go in as a teacher and create two records in a row, one will generate an email, the next one will not. When I go in as secretary, if I accept the record, sometimes the teacher gets a confirmation, but no email is sent to transportation.


I have verified all the SMTP settings with my IT department (no encryption, no authentication, port 25).


I called FileMaker, they told me that if any emails were sent at all, then it was not FM's fault, and they could not help.


I am so frustrated. A system that sends records 50% of the time will not work.


Any suggestions at all would be appreciated.