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Basic help - create a portal to show all records from a table

Question asked by ebruml on Aug 21, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2012 by pthomas

I AM A NEWBIE ... I have a table called risk_assessments with 5 fields including id. At the moment it is not related to anything else. I have a layout called "Risk Assessments", and have created a number of records. I appreciate that I can see the records in a list or table view if I were to change the layout type accordingly. However I would like to have a layout that shows all the records from the table in a portal. Can anyone expain how I would do this ... I have tried copying the table and creating a relationship between the id field in each field and then creating a second layout based on the risk-assessment table and placing a portal with records from the second table copy. But this just results in one portal row. If someone could point in the right direction I would be eternally grateful ... many thanks in anticipation.