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FMSA 12 - Web Services Stopping at irregular intervals

Question asked by CarstenLevin on Aug 22, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2012 by CarstenLevin

Windows 2003 Server

FileMaker Server Advanced 12.0v1

Using IWP



The solution was previously running perfect without problems with FMSA 11.


FMSA 11 was de-installed.

FMSA 12 was installed and configured.


Now the webservices are halted apx once or day - at irregular times. Not connected to backup or any other known schedule.


The Admin Console is open, no problems with anything else and the databases and the access through fm app is unproblematic.

The webservice is shown as "closed" and clicking the button to open it again works fine - the webservice will start and everything is OK.


But it is a problem that it is stopping withouth any known reason.


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Ps. I could have placed this under Web ... but as I see it it is a server issue?

Any suggestions?