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    Removing Layout Bar


      I'd love my users to be abel to flip through a preview screen, but can only do that with status bar; but the layout bar gives them way too much power!


      How can I remove the layout bar?

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          Each layout has a checkbox labeled "Include in layout menus". Unchecking that box will hide the layout from the drop down menu. You can toggle that box for multiple layouts at the same time in the Manage Layouts dialog.

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            Sorry - I wasn't clear.  I want to be able to give users the ability to look at all pages on a preview report - just like the status bar can do.  (the book icon). However, if I enable the status bar (I can control the other things on the status bar which is cool), i get the 'layout bar", which gives too ,much p[ower to the user.  i;d love to get rid of the layout bar and keep the status bar for certain reports.

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              You can't remove the "layout bar" it isn't separate from the Status Area. Which features of the "layout bar" do you want to prevent users from accessing? There are ways of disabling access to layouts (as I described) and the View As...Form/List/Table feature. So you can't hide the "layout bar", but you can make it "non-functional".


              Alternatively, you could keep the bar hidden and teach users to use the keyboard shortcuts to navigate through pages in Preview (control and up/down arrows on a Mac)

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                Along the lines of David's suggestion to make the layout navigation non-functional, you can prevent users from navigating to a different layout with an OnLayoutExit trigger. If the script called by an OnLayoutExit trigger exits with a script result of False (0), the triggering event (trying to navigate away from the layout you want the users to stay on) is canceled. You'll want to make sure you give your users a way to navigate away from the layout by a scripted mechanism of your choice, using a technique like this or this to side-step the trigger. If you're showing users the preview in a separate window, note that closing a window will also fire the OnLayoutExit trigger; if the triggered script returns False, it will cancel the attempt to close the window.