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FMS Advanced: Error 92

Question asked by fmdev on Aug 22, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2012 by BowdenData


I have a problem with an error message sent via email by FileMaker Server Advanced 11.

At every backup (full backup, of every file) it send the message: "<data/ora> Error 92 Content FMS Could not complete operation on database <database name> because it is not currently open".

Note that the database was intentionally closed and removed.


Why the database backup insist on backing up this file?

And how can I stop this annoyng sending? (I don't want disable the email service, anyway)


I tried to close service and reopen it, and to redefine the backup schedule (a little change in it and saved again), but no stop at this emails.

I searched for an answer in this forum but i found only this one, with no solution:

this seems to be the same problem I have;

anyone had this problem and how it has been resolved?


Thank you for the answers