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    FMS Advanced: Error 92



      I have a problem with an error message sent via email by FileMaker Server Advanced 11.

      At every backup (full backup, of every file) it send the message: "<data/ora> Error 92 Content FMS Could not complete operation on database <database name> because it is not currently open".

      Note that the database was intentionally closed and removed.


      Why the database backup insist on backing up this file?

      And how can I stop this annoyng sending? (I don't want disable the email service, anyway)


      I tried to close service and reopen it, and to redefine the backup schedule (a little change in it and saved again), but no stop at this emails.

      I searched for an answer in this forum but i found only this one, with no solution:


      this seems to be the same problem I have;

      anyone had this problem and how it has been resolved?


      Thank you for the answers

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          This is the defined behavior and there is no way to get around it given the way you are doing things. The idea though is to not leave databases - in the active hosted files folder, but closed - for an extended period of time. If you are not going to have the dB hosted for more than a short period, then use the "Remove" command in the FMS admin console. This will move the file(s) out of the hosted files folder into a special sub-folder called Removed_by_FMS.


          You can easily put files back on-line using the console and picking the files from the Removed_by_FMS sub-folder.


          The other thing to consider is what happens if your server machine is restarted on purpose or due to a power interruption, etc. Assuming you have the default setting in the FM server configuration to "auto open files on server startup", the file(s) that you had closed will now open up. You have to remember to close them right after the server starts. If you have lots of files, it would be easy to forget which ones you had closed.


          Not sure of your environment, but this behavior is desired in a larger setup where you might have multiple FM devs, a separate IT department that manages the servers, and so forth. In my case, I want to see the error emails about a dB being closed so I can take action. If I have closed a dB temporarily, and a backup runs, then fine. The error email is a reminder that I am doing something with that dB.


          I think what you are looking for would be a new option in the FM server configuration that would say to "ignore closed files" during backup. Go ahead and put in a feature request. You never know.





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            Thank you, Doug, for the answer;

            I agree: this is a FileMaker behavior and what you say is an interpretation of FileMaker point of view.


            The option "ignore closed file" could be am interesting feature, in our case:

            - we have some converted solution from FM 6 and then composed of many files (yes, I know it's better rewrite all.. , but... just now we have many files); some of them are in test and we would open/close them in case of use or not;

            - we have many solutions in test in our FMS (in developer office) and we would open/close them: all open solutions exceeds the limit of open files in FMS;


            And then: would be an appreciate feauture the "open/close all files" limited for a specific folder; in early versions it was possible; why now it isn't? or is there a trick I do not know?


            A clarification:

            in my previous post I said "the database was intentionally closed and removed"; in only one case I removed too an unnecessary file and I receved the mail "Error 92" for it, for many days. Then the server was restarted and the problem finished. I think this was a bug... what do you think?


            Thanks to those who will reply to this post


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              Understand on juggling files in testing and so forth.


              For closing files, you can select multiple files in the list and then do a 'close' on just those files. You can shift-select a range of files or command/control-click on separate files to pick them individually. I too, was expecting to be able to click on a folder and have the selected operation act on all files in the folder. Selecting multiple files is pretty quick once you get in the habit. Don't forget that you can do a right-click on your select file(s) and get a menu of the actions. You don't have to select and then go up to the drop-down menu at the top to select the action and then finally click the perform button.


              As for the error 92 still happening even after the file was removed, I have not seen this specifically, but have seen other things such as scheduled tasks, where the admin console does not update properly. You can restart the admin console process without having to restart the entire FM server. This clears issues like yours pretty much every time.


              Use the command line/terminal for this. You either need to navigate to the server folder where the fmsadmin application is located or you need it in your 'path' environment variable.


              > fmsadmin restart adminserver


              You can get a list of commands with

              >fmsadmin help commands






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