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Report of FIND records that are "yes"

Question asked by theturk15 on Aug 23, 2012
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I have a simple set of N records. Rows (records) are projects, columns are a series of surveys administered in the conduct of the project. The user adds a new record and then clicks a 'yes' for a series of checkboxs for the particular surveys used in that project. If a survey was not used for any particular project, the field is left blank (i.e. the NO checkbox option is not checked. If that's an issue, it can be changed).


Project mgr would like a report of what projects used which surveys. So the report would be ProjectName and then a list of the survey instruments that have the YES checkbox checked for that project (result could be from only 1 to upwards or maybe a dozen). Project mgr also wants the reverse - each survey name and what projects used that particular survey.


Seems like it's an application of an OR search. Conceptually, it's sort of like 'if survey1=yes OR survey2=yes , , , OR surveyN=yes" results in a list of surveys for that particular item.


Think I see three problems: 1. can't seem to figure out how to FIND which records have the YES checkbox checked. 2. I'm assuming a button is the preferred route to execute the search (the users are less Filemaker savvy than I, so this needs to be simple for the user-click a button, execute the search) and 3. I have 61 survey instruments.


Full disclosure-I'm not a developer, just a casual user who is a novice at scripting.