FileMaker integration with Drupal website via web services

Discussion created by DaleLong on Aug 23, 2012
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Our facility is currently looking at having a shiny new Drupal site rolled out, probably in the next several months. We require 2-way synchronization with many parts of the Drupal system to our internal production database, which is in FileMaker. The IT consultant/developer group, who specializes in Drupal, say that the best approach would be to use Web Services. It sounds like they are putting a good deal of the weight on us (read: me) to handle the FileMaker aspect of Web Services, and this is leaving me feeling lost. I have been developing in FileMaker on a part time basis over the past 6 or 7 years, and have acquired a decent amount of ability within the platform. However, I'm having a difficult time knowing where to get my information from for this integration project, because while I know a good bit about FileMaker, I know zero about Drupal and Web Services. In a number of google searches, I've found references to people doing such things, and have come across several plugins that have some sort of 'web services' in them, but I keep getting the feeling that I'm supposed to know Web Services in and out before I can do anything with them. Does anybody have any information that can set me on a path to understand exactly what I'm supposed to do in FileMaker to accommodate this synch strategy, or if it's even the way to go? I realize this may be a very vague inquiry, but it is because I don't even think I know the precise questions to ask at this point. Any direction or insight would be most appreciated.