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conditional formatting for a subset in a larger list

Question asked by techt on Aug 23, 2012
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No luck searching the archives, so I'm hoping the subject is enough to capture the attention of someone with an answer.


I have a list of task records that are subsummaries, by customer, then by project. There is a status field on the record that can be set when the records is ready for processing. When looking at all active records, I can set all records to ready for processing, or drill into a subset, by project, and set all of that particular project records as ready. I've been using a checkmark with conditional formatting to change color depending on if the records are set ready or not.


With two subsummaries on the layout, I can have some projects (second sub-part) ready for a customer (first sub-part), but not all. I'd like to apply conditional formatting to recognize that not all records or all projects have been set to ready, but every approach I can think of is an all or none, based on the first subsummary (customer). I've been thinking about adding a PatternCount & GetSummary to see if both the number of records and the number of records where the status is ready match or not, and format accordingly, but I'm not sure that will even work. I find that usually when it feels like I'm heading down a rabbit hole, there is an easier answer.


In short, does anyone know how to apply conditional formatting to a first subsummary part when records below a second subsummary part may have multiple values?


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