on line patient registration  approaches

Discussion created by cortical on Aug 23, 2012
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The requirement is for a web aceessed patient registration form. the potential patient enters relevalnt data, which the medical practice office can then access. Security is of primary importance. Registrations are not going to be more than a couple per week probably, so investment in server hardware and fms seem a bit difficult to justify.



Currently reviewing ways and means to accomplish this, with appropriate security.


1. A html form up front and email to the office fails due to the lack of email security.


2. Wordpress plugins are capable of handling secure form generation, but WP and PHP are what they are; still looking at web access from the office for this. Probably alternatives in this arena, similarly capable.



3. Lasso9 and FileMaker would seem a way to go, but hosting becomes a bit of an issue and possibly cost.



4. An IWP implementation might be ok, despite the inherant limitations, the data input requirements should fit within IWP capabilities comfortably. The issue then becomes hosting, again.( not local and disproportionately expensive - it usually seems anyway; but cheaper than setting up am fms server I know)



5. A secure html web form, into a PostgreSQL or MySQL db, would be desirable from the perspective of integration within a locallly hosted site. An FM office client might then be pointed to the remote database via ODBC..



Really looking to have minimal data offsite, so a grab, download and clear would be the go.



Any thoughts?