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FMP12/IWP Script stops working in browser, works in FMP

Question asked by mthomas1506 on Aug 23, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2012 by mthomas1506

Hi everyone- I hope someone might be able to give me a hand with this


I have developed a solution for my school to record and manage incidents with students, which is almost ready for use, but I've hit an issue with a script not working when accessed through Instant Web Publishing.


I've included the content of the script as a screenshot attachment, but in a nutshell, users enter data into fields using drop-down menus, and then this script runs when they hit the "OK" button on the layout. The script assigns the values they selected to variables, then goes off to a few tables, looks up the values entered, and then replaces the contents of the record's fields with the key record values. The script works perfectly in FMP 12 itself, but fails at the highlighted line- with no errors- when run through IWP.


I'm sure there's several better ways to achieve this result, but this probably shows my beginner's-level knowledge of FileMaker programming.


My questions are these:


1. Can anybody theorise as to why this script doesn't work through IWP, when it does in the application itself?


2. Is there a better way I should be scripting, to achieve the same result?


Thanks in advance for any assistance!