What kills the Script Engine on FMS 12?

Discussion created by TimAnderson on Aug 24, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2012 by CarlSchwarz

Anyone give me a pointer to what could kill the script engine on FMS12 on Windows Server 2008 R2?


My initial thoughts were running out of memory, but can't see how tis could be given the routines that are running, unless the progressive backups use at least an equivalent amount of RAM as the database files and share that RAM with the Script engine. The script engine only runs in 32bit mode so with files totalling about 1.5Gb I still should have enough


We have 16Gb in the box, with 3Gb allocated to the database cache, which I have brought down from 4Gb with no changes (now at 2Gb and testing again). My understanding is that the cache is separate from the memory used by the script engine and so I hoped that by reducing this I would eliminate any possible issues with the database engine becoming unresponsive to the script engine while the cache is written to disk - is this a reasonable supposition?


Last night the script ran for a couple of hours, with other scripts (taking about 30 secs to run) kicking in every 20 mins with no problems before the script engine died, previously it had not run for as long.


The message I get in the Log Viewer is

Client xxx (FileMaker Script) no longer responding; connection closed. (51)


A very similar script ran on a much less powerful FMS11 server with 2GB ram


Any ideas gratefully received