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Portals with columns and rows

Question asked by umackey on Aug 24, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2012 by cortical

A little background, I am completely new to filemaker, I've had around 2 hours of 2nd hand training and about 3 weeks of messing around with it and self teaching. I do have quite a bit of background with computers and networking from my time in the Army.


I am trying to create a set of 8 portals set up in a column fashing with 12 rows of field data in each column, but i need all of it to have a column-row cell appearance like excel. I've gotten to the point where all i need now is the lines to form the cells. I intially tried creating several straight lines to just run through the portal but that didnt seem to work. Next I tried using rectangles which partially worked. The cells only appear when there is data in one of the columns otherwise it is blank. Any help is greatly appreciated. I'd love to sit in a training class but my boss is too frugal to deem it necessary.