Appears Print Setup has amnesia

Discussion created by MarkB on Aug 24, 2012
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Hi All,


I vaguely remember reading about problems like this a while ago but don't remember the solution. I'm working on a Windows XP running FMP11. The application is a basic Point of Sale. The Default printer is an Epson receipt printer so when a sale is made, the receipt prints to that printer. At the end of the day, they need to print a Batch report that prints on a different (HP LaserJet) printer that is shared on another PC. I can manually go to Print Setup and choose either printer and print reports to the selected printer. However, in my Batch Print script, I have tried to use the Print Setup script step to select the HP printer, print the report, then use another Print Setup script step to set the printer back to the Epson. While watching the Get (PrinterName) in the Data Viewer, and also seeing the printing result, the script steps don't seem to change the printer destination. When editing the scripts, I will set one Print Setup to the HP, move down the script and set the 2nd Print Setup to the Epson. When going back to the 1st Print Setup, it displays the Epson. It seems that a script will only remember one printer regardless how many times the Print Setup is used.


To remidy this (what I vaguely remember) I have set up 2 different scripts; one to select the HP and another to set the Epson. The Batch report scipt then calls the appropriate script. This still doesn't work. I can go into one script and select the HP. Close and save that script, open the 2nd script and set it to the Epson. When going back to the 1st (HP) script, the Print Setup script step shows the Epson instead of the HP.


So, my question ... How can I have a script print to a different printer than the default, and then set the printer back to the default? Is this a Bonjour problem?


Sorry for the long winded question.


Regards, Mark