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    Template for Job Applications


      Anyone one know of a "simple" Job Application solution that is IWP compatible?


      I know of a retail shop (Apple dealer) that is looking for a Job Application template...but I didn't find any right off, that didn't cost $10k.

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          I suppose there is no such thing as a generic Job Application DB...?!


          I guess there is a form for contact entry and a way of either uploading your CV then a bunch of questions... I think maybe it is not dissimilar to the basic features of most solutions out there. $10k seems excessive.


          Many years ago I made a database for my own CV. I did it so I could cherry-pick the things I wanted to highlight depending on whether I was applying for a Teaching or Developer job. It is one of those things which all depends on the spec as there are probably many different ways to approach this.


          - Lyndsay

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            Hi Lyndsay,


            School Automation Suite has a job application program. Glenn Singleton is in charge if the solution now, so I am putting you in contact with him or contact me back channel..


            It is web based and managed by FileMaker . It is FM12.


            Go to my site, www.possiblesolutions.com and take a test drive. See if is what you are looking for. The setup is very easy.


            Let us know. If you are interested, I'm sure we can work something out. Glenn?



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              I don't have any links, but supposedly there are/were online solutions that allow you to upload a PDF of your resume, CV & references all without needing to type them into web form(s). It then would OCR (or however it worked) the docents and push into the proper "fields". I would imagine that was not an inexpensive solution!


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                I think they are looking for something really simple.  Basically their normal job application as a web form.  I just don't have the time to set up a file to do what they want, and make sure it is properly locked down for them.

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                  I think that security would be the most time consuming part of it all.


                  I toss file uploads into many of my solutions and it generally takes about 10 mins. Not a biggie if you are hosting on a Mac.


                  I'm quite sure Joshua has all the skill required... just not the time it would seem.


                  - Lyndsay


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