Server Ports in Amazon AWS

Discussion created by dburnham on Aug 26, 2012
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This is a question about how to configure the private/public ports on an Amazon machine instance running in the Amazon AWS cloud.


My FileMaker 12 Server installation is running fine in the Amazon cloud, but only for accessing the databases using FileMaker clients. I have not been able to deploy any PHP web page solutions that I am trying to migrate from my current FMS11 server.


Initially, I ran my Amazon instance with a temporary IP address and did not create the "elastic IP" address until a few days ago. When I launch the Admin Console now, by pointing it to the new elastic IP address, it runs perfectly. However, there are two indications that something is not correctly configured:


  1. The Server Overview displays the machine's "private DNS" IP number in the center of the admin console, where you see the green checkmarks (formerly green dots in FMS11) for the Web Server, Database Server and WPE. Ideally, it would show me the new "elastic" IP address.
  2. Using Remote Desktop, when I launch the Start Page or the Test Page using the icons at the top of the Admin Console, the browsers open to the private IP address, and I am able to get a successful report for the PHP test Results. However, when I do the same thing using the Admin Console from an external location, it fails. In both cases, I can see the instance's private IP address in the browser's address bar, but of course, the browser running locally on the AMI is able to derive the result.


I don't know whether I need to uninstall/reinstall FMS now that I have the elastic IP address assigned, and/or if I need to create any port forwarding "rules" in the Windows Firewall. I know the FileMaker port numbers, but I am unclear as to how to implement them and after doing do, whether or not I need to reinstall FMS.


Thanks in advance for any advice.