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    CWP Script timeout


      Is there a maximum amount of time a Filemaker script can run when initiated with the API using the NewPerformScriptCommand?

      I have script that runs when a user makes a request on a web page, that can take several minutes to run. The script is initiated by Javascript, Ajax, and PHP.

      What is interesting, is that I can run the script on one server (WIndows 7/IIS6/FilemakerServer ADvanced 11), and there is no problem. The script runs successfully and return a normal response.

      When I do the same thing in a WindowsServer 2008/IIS7/FilemakerServer 12 environment, the script returns a response (that begins with <!Doctype, even tho the script is still running (I can see records being created looking at the DB with Filemaker Pro). The Timeout seems to occur around 70 seconds. I realize it probably is unusual to have a script that runs that long in the CWP environment, but I need to, I have played with the script using a pause and exit script steps, and it seems to happen around the 70 second mark.

      Has anyone else come across this and know if there is a setting in the API or where ever that controls this?

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          FYI, I reworked the scripts, so that they put less of a demand on the server, and that seems to be working. I would still like to know, why it worked differently in the twoo environments, and returned an unknown reponse reponse while the script was still running.