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ActiveX Automation With C++

Question asked by klein on Aug 27, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2012 by wimdecorte

Dear community

Has anybody ever managed to run a FM script from a C++ appliaction via ActiveX?


I've spent quite a few hours on this now and have been partly successful, i.e. I could add the type library to the C++ project and compile it with all objects (TApplication, TDocuments and TDocument) declared. Some stuff even works, i.e. I can open FM dbs or toggle the FM application visibility. However, the TDocuments and TDocument objects remain "empty" at runtime, i.e. the list of open FM documents in TDocuments is empty, and so I couldnt run any of their scripts.


Neither FM help nor google could provide me with the necessary hint. Does anybody have some sample project (or even a manual) of how to automate Filemaker via MS Visual C++ or preferably Borland C++-Builder 6.0?

Any help is very much appreciated, thank you very much!


PS: I'd also be interested in a VBScript example that runs a FM script, if this is possible in VBS at all.. It would help me to figure out, whether my C++ code is bad or rather something with the C++ environment or the FM db.


My software:
Win XP Pro SP3
FM Pro Advanced 11 v3
Borland C++-Builder v6