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Deaf, mute clean Server 12.0v2 on a clean OS X Server 10.8

Question asked by sumware on Aug 27, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2012 by sumware

I'm trying to diagnose some possible issues of FileMaker Server on OS X Server 10.8.1


Last week, I configured a new OS X Server 10.8.1 Mac Mini with the full installer for 12.0v2. This is a "vanilla" install and ran for about 4 days.


First signs of problems were the Java based admin console not starting (here we go again, I thought) with the message "Admin Console could not start: Admin Server Manager available". Java 1.6.0_33-b03-424 (this version ran console just fine for the first few days).


Second sign of problem was that fmsadmin wouldn't respond to the command line. Either the account/password wasn't accepted or Error 9 was returned. Hmmm...


Restarting the computer and binning the live files this time would allow fmsadmin to accept "fmsadmin start server", but the java based console still won't start. Have gone through the clearing java cache files about half a dozen times, so thanks for asking


Trying to issue fmsadmin commands on multiple files (e.g. fmsadmin open files) fails with 10904, but issuing the commands on individual files works fine. I've seen this in earlier versions of FileMaker Server.


Can anyone see the gaping hole in the above configuration that I'm missing here? To restate, this is default installs.


I thought I would ask before uninstalling FileMaker Server and re-installing.