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Opening a PDF outside of FileMaker

Question asked by kreisel on Aug 28, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2012 by kreisel

My FM database creates a client invoice in the form of a PDF. The file name is based on the client ID and the event ID like this:


Events::_fk.ClientID & "_" & Events::__pk.EventID & ".pdf"


Example: 0002_0003.pdf


I want a button that will open this file outside of FM in either Adobe Reader or Mac's Preview.


I've searched the forum and other sites and have determined I probably need both FM Script and Applescript, but am having trouble with the syntax of quotes and passing the above vairable to the Applescript. The button should use the current record to open the file.


The files will always be located in a subfolder from the database file. This folder is called "Contracts".


Thanks in advance!