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    Filemaker API PHP getValueListTwoFields() bug?




      I want to show the Filemaker database Value list fields in my PHP text box.


      Its a two value fields and I am using Filemaker 11. So for that I use getValueListTwoFields like below as per Filemaker API PHP documentation.


      But it shows only one value. second value come as array index value.


      Please suggest me.



      The Text box name (but drop down list) is 'No'. So For example, it shows the values


      101 William

      102 John


      ValueList Name is YourDetails.


      The sample code what I use is,




      <?php $fieldName = 'No';?><?php $fieldValue = $record->getField('No', 0) ; ?>


      <?php $menuOptions = $layout->getValueListTwoFields("YourDetails", $record->getRecordId());



      $valueList = '<select name="valueList">';

      foreach ($menuOptions as $displayedValue => $value)




      $valueList .= '<option value="' . $value . $displayedValue. '">' . $value . " ". $displayedValue . " ". '</option>';



      $valueList .= '<select>';

      echo $valueList;











      The Result what I get is,


      101 0

      102 1


      but it need to be


      101 William

      102 John